The food court in Sandton City Shopping Centre has been revamped

Food courts in big malls are special havens for shoppers. They’re where you get to take a break, refuel or just watch people pass by. They’re often the busiest part of a centre, especially if done right.

Sandton City’s food court, like other big food courts, have generally been about bright lights and fast food. But things have changed and people want a more ‘natural’ experience and not necessarily the usual mix of fast food brands.

It’s a tough ask in the middle of busy urban centre, but what Sandton has done in its revamp is include elements of landscaping and green features. It’s now called a food district, Oh, and there are bits of sustainable design.

The biggest new upside is a device charging station, which means you never have to run out of cell-phone battery.

The brands on offer are most of the old favourites, and some new ones to make it more interesting. These include Ocean Basket Krunch Kauai South Africa Tikka&kabab Community ANAT Fishaways Popeyes South AfricaAdega Express Sandton The official Steers Page Golden Burgerrack as well as Cinnabon and Krispy Kreme South Africa for those sweet treats.

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