Popular local Voodoo Lily gets a revamp with new owners

Voodoo Lily has been revamped. Not just a lick of paint and a few add-ons to the menu, it’s been entirely overhauled. `There’s a new menu, a new look and a chef with real pedigree. And it’s made a difference.

What the new owners have done is create a New York style feel restaurant in Birdhaven. They’ve taken classical items and added a twist and you can see it with options like a lox sandwich, tacos, latkes and challah with a menu that incorporates cuisines from cultures spanning New York to Mexico, the Middle East, Spain, Italy and South Africa.

Voodoo was all about health, vegan and good quality ingredients before the new owners took over, and they’ve retained an element of this but added more variety. Plus there’s a bar so now there are cocktails, wines and local craft beers. Owner Larry Hodes says they had many requests from the community to incorporate a bar into the restaurant, to retain the community feel and family friendliness, and to continue being dog friendly. So that’s what they’ve done.

One of the new décor additions is a large wallpaper mosaic depicting a voodoo lily, and a pastiche of photographs of people, pets, food and festivities living their lives. Hodes says, “it’s home, comfy food with our twist.” (By the way, he also owns the popular Arbour Café in the same Wrenrose Centre, as well as Calexico in 44 on Stanley).

What they wanted for the restaurant, is somewhere you can bring someone on a first date but it’s also a place to pop in when you don’t feel like cooking. Chef Josh Simon has extensive experience working in some top hotels locally and internationally, but his main passion has been on as a private chef on private yachts, which he did for years.

There’s a separate breakfast and lunch menu, and a dinner menu is in being developed. Plus there’s a cocktail/drinks menu. Oh, and they really welcome people to come and work on their laptops, with free uncapped WiFi.

I can unreservedly vouch for the wild mushroom toast with cashew cream cheese, gnocchi broccolini (broccoli, gnocchi, parmesan, garlic & chilli) and saffron, goat cheese arancini balls with marinara sauce. We will be back.



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