Nostimo in Waterfall makes it worthwhile heading out

Inillovo is all about what’s going on and where to go in the neighbourhood. But when it comes to kids, we want additional options and yup, we’re quite happy to travel a bit to find that kid-friendly spot. So here is the first of three in this series.
Nostimo by Mythos in Waterfall Wilds Centre is a family destination with a definite flurry of glamour thanks to its stylish decor. The menu is mainly an expansive Greek offering (obviously) but there are also other favourites like pizza, and lovely Greek kids meals like chicken souvlaki & chips, spaghetti & Greek mince and biftekia & chips.
The family-friendly restaurant includes a pottery studio adjacent to the large breezy restaurant, arts and crafts as well as a wooden kids play area outside which is well maintained. The pottery studio is a real win for children (and thus parents) who like to indulge in some creativity. You can find Nostimo by Mythos on 011-5172349 at Waterfall Wilds, Maxwell Drive & Woodmead Drive, Waterfall City.
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