If you’re interested in craft gins, vodka and a whole lot more…

Want to learn more about the craft liquor explosion? Craft Cartel SA is an appealing shop in the Post Office Centre in Illovo, with an abundance of craft beers, gin, tequila, vodka, rum and even some chocolate. (Don’t you just love the name…)

The colourful and exotic bottles set the scene for a treat of a visit, and Carlo is the friendly guy we met when we visited. He’s passionate about the subject of craft and makes you feel as if you’re welcome to pop in any time. Even the floor at the entrance says “For the love of Craft”.

They clearly know their industry and products and the stories behind them.

The store has a particularly stellar gin offering, 145 craft gins to be exact.

They do events like gin tastings, and tequila tastings where they pair tequila with chocolate. So if you’re serious about your craft, it’s a great place to pop in. And happily, it’s right in your hood.


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