Contained, fun & still a great place for kids

Ri’Stretto in Morningside used to be Papachinos, and it’s been a popular children’s venue for years. It’s basically the same offering (which is a good thing) but these days goes by a different name. We love that it’s close, close, close. There’s a larger area for bigger children on one side and then there’s a smaller, contained area for the younger kids – all with colourful and engaging climbing apparatus, slides and playhouses.

The kids menu is pretty comprehensive and I know more than one little kid who goes regularly and eats the spaghetti bolognaise with gusto each and every time. There’s a cute counter where kids are able to make their own pizzas, choose their toppings and then eat them.

On a good day you can find some really good help, which can make all the difference and allow parents to soak up an enjoyable few hours.

Next to the Garden Court hotel, the café is open during the week from 08h30 until 21h00 for all-day dining, with earlier closing at 16h30 on Sundays and 18h30 on public holidays.

Telephone: 011-7831090

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