Chef Micky’s Thai Dining is the real deal

We eventually tried Chef Micky’s Thai Dining @chefmickythaidining on Corlett Drive. There’d been a flurry of excitement when she opened in the neighbourhood, bringing with her a reputation for authentic and tasty Thai food. We were not disappointed.
It’s about as close as I could get to the casual & fabulous restaurants you find on the streets of Phuket or Koh Samui. From tom yums and chicken coconut soups to stir fries, curries and pad Thai there are specialty fishes and everything is made from scratch. We ordered chicken satay, crystal spring rolls money bags, vegetarian crispy rolls and mixed chicken.
We haven’t eaten in the restaurant yet, but will definitely be ordering more for home dining. We collected from the restaurant, but they also deliver to your doorstep through Uber Connect. Whether you’re going in to eat in the restaurant or ordering a takeaway, you need to book and pre-order because only one person is cooking and they limit the number of customers. You can send a WhatsApp and request a menu.
You can find Mickey’s Thai Kitchen at 102 Corlett Drive and on 073-3148188.
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