Paul’s Bakery in Melrose Arch

Paul’s Bakery has just opened in Melrose Arch, and it’s already making a splash. This is no corner mom & pop patisserie. This is part of a global business founded in France that has 670 stores in 36 countries.

Everything looks delicious: the macaroons, eclairs and tarts. There’s a separate breakfast menu and those who’re addicted to French toast will be thrilled that there’s a whole section devoted to this.

I love that some of the chefs spent time in France being trained in the art of baking a la Paul’s, and that you can see the pastries being made in a section in the corner. I sat down for a rooibos cappuccino (yes, they have a local twist) and it was just right. A friend who works in Melrose Arch had three pastries on Friday morning (he skipped dinner). He says two were fine; one was exceptional (the escargot: a spiral pastry often eaten for breakfast in France). Apparently the almond croissants are to-die for.


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