Olives & Plates opens in Hyde Park

Olives & Plates is already bustling in Hyde Park. It opened up a couple of weeks ago, taking the place of Social Kitchen in the expansive and popular Exclusive Books. Guests are soaking up the decor and enjoying the fresh, beautifully presented food that has become a hallmark of Olives & Plates in its other venues.

The business has grown purely by word of mouth, and they’re at Wits, the Embassy at Empire Place & West Street. It’s not hard to see why they have such a dedicated following. From the outrageously stunning meze platter to the twirls, twists, contours & colours of the bountiful salads, there’s also the cake display that could convert any no-carb follower to a cake-addict, with little remorse.

The Hyde Park venue also has a harvest table from 11h30 to 14h30 from Monday to Friday with options like lemon grass seared chicken, almond & haloumi schnitzel and salads from labne aubergine to cashew crunch salad.



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