An wellness oasis in the bustling city

Oxford Healthcare Retreat is an oasis in a bustling city. The boutique wellness guesthouse allows some real time out, in a sublimely elegant location in the middle of Melrose.

It caters to stressed-out executives, or anyone wanting to tap into restorative programmes and therapies in pursuit of rebalancing ones mental and physical state. It ranges from a one-day ‘spa-type’ experience to a four-night tailored package.

We had a glorious day there. It started with a detox smoothie, a half an hour in the flotation pool. The pool is about improving the quality of sleep and alleviating aches and pains that accumulate because of stress. Laden with seven tons of Epsom salts, it aids the weightlessness of the body to take pressure off joins and regulate the body’s enzymes.

Then there was a yoga session with movement and journaling, and a relaxation exercise followed by a deep-tissue massage.

The retreat was founded on the basis of research and clinical evidence that ongoing stress, excessive work pressure and relationship difficulties tend to manifest in physical symptoms such as exhaustion, headaches, and body pain. Not to mention irritability, depression and anxiety…

Packages are designed for relatively short-term stays, to achieve a sense of wellbeing. The therapeutic goals are to enhance wellbeing, better understand how the mind and body engages and experience interventions that restore balance. Its very much on trend with current thinking: about stilling the mind and allowing the nervous system to ‘down-regulate’.

A typical day at the retreat as part of a programme involves yoga and mindfulness mediation, breakfast, optional psychotherapy, massage, cranio-sacral therapy, reflexology and nutritional and life-coaching consults. There could be a sauna, a walk or music therapy. Of course there’s lunch and dinner; and the food is utterly fabulous.

There are five luxury en suite bedrooms with private balconies, and it costs R4250 for single occupancy, R4950 per room sharing per day. The retreat also caters for groups and couples. And you can access it for the spa experience, which offers day packages. Watch this page for more details about an exciting giveaway for Mother’s Day.

Tel: 079-0380079

Address: 16 Porter Ave, Melrose




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