A play area for a sunny day: Gia’s

Gia’s at Montrose is one of those places you think of when the sun is shining, and you have a little one to entertain. The restaurant alongside the nursery in Morningside is a lovely place to pop in with the kids, especially if you can sit outside soaking up some sunshine and have some coffee or a light lunch.

It’s nearby, plus you get to pick up whatever you need for your garden at the same time at the nursery.

The play area is small and contained, which makes it better suited to toddlers and small kids than bigger ones. There’s a garden area on the side adjacent to the nursery with iron tables under the trees, with chimes and hanging baskets to add to the charm. On the kids’ area side there are some swings, a Wendy house and some other climb-on-and-off features make it family friendly. It’s a family business, and they’ve been running the nursery since the 1960s.

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