Urban Moyo is a fresh take on a loved brand

Urban Moyo is a fresh take on the traditional Moyo restaurant, started more than 20 years ago in Norwood. Remember those colourful tagines? The brand is now owned by Fournews (which owns News Café among other restaurant chains) & they’ve launched a new concept in the middle of Sandton: Urban Moyo.

The food is tasty and stylish, but before we get to the food, we need some focus on the signature cocktails, which are show-stoppers. You can just feel the thought & planning that went into these cocktails – they’re an opulent take on SA’s 9 provinces, and use premium spirits mixed with local juices, fruits, teas and syrups. Best of all, they’re creative and bold and brazen.

Food options still have hearty SA/ African dishes like lamb tagines, crocodile and oxtail potjie but there are also salads (including a startling beetroot carpaccio among them), rooibos seeded bread and a wide array of starters, and meals from the ‘live-fire. Oh, and there’s an enticing array of deserts, including a divine malva pudding.

It’s at 24 Central, and open for lunch and dinner. Saturday lunches are accompanied by live jazz.




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